If you have suffered a personal injury or loss, it is a main rule important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Evidence must be collected as soon as possible, including physical evidence and witness testimony, which may deteriorate over time. Also, cases must be filed within the statute of limitation. Professional legal assistance is required to evaluate cases and to file and prosecute cases in the court system.

Thailand has also malpractice regulations in case personal injury is suffered due to wrongful health treatment.

As a main rule a case to recover damages for injuries is a civil case. However, depending on the circumstances, suing an individual, juristic person or government agency may be a civil or criminal case. This might also have an effect for the fee to be paid to the court.

Thai courts generally award compensation for tangible and intangible damages. Compensation for damages is generally awarded in the amount in which the court perceives is identical to the actual damages as well as for certain intangible factors such as pain and suffering or disfigurement.