A company is a separate legal entity which is registered under the companies act. Every country is having different procedure of registration. Formation of a company is not at all an easy task. Company registration in Thailand require a certain procedure to be followed.

New company registration is always advisable as it will legally benefit the organization and there is no risk of corpses in thecloset. Incorporation of Company is yet another important area of concern. Scandinavian Law Office can give you advice and mediate contact to the right person whether you need the assistance from the Chamber of Commerce, with local authorities or you need a lawyer or an accountant you can trust and who is able to communicate in Thai on your behalf to be able to successfully review your company registration.

Doing business in Thailand, you have three types of business organization to establish - a Thai partnership, a Thai representative office, or a Thai limited company. Interestingly, a private limited company is the most appealing form of business organization among foreigners doing business in Thailand.

Brief procedures to register a Thai company
- Reserve your proposed company name: The Thai limited company name reservation must follow the guidelines of the Business Development Office in the Ministry of Commerce amongst other guidelines.
- File a Memorandum of Association: The Memorandum of Association of the Thai limited company must to be filed with the relevant Thai authorities.
- Convene a statutory meeting: The Thai limited company must convene a statutory meeting to make all the appointments.
- Company Registration: To establish the Thai limited company it has to be registered with the Thai government.
- Tax registration: All companies in Thailand have to be
registered for tax purposes.

To fully understand the conditions for registration companies in Thailand, please contact any of our Thai lawyers or any of our foreign lawyers to provide you with guidance when considering to start your business in Thailand.